5 Instagram Menswear Trends To Swear By This Winter

5 Instagram Menswear Trends To Swear By This Winter
Tuesday 4 December 2018

Let’s face it, as much as we’d love to say our style is completely original, it’s hard to deny the amount of influence Instagram has on us.  With the increasing amount of influencers trickling in to the menswear scene, there’s an endless amount of great fashion ideas to take in from the feed.  Besides the season’s staples, here are some menswear trends that everyone on Instagram is trying out this winter.


Scumbro is a rising term in fashion, meaning more or less a high society skater boy.  This type of style is associated with wearing steep priced streetwear like Supreme and pairing it with a more professional manner like check trousers.  Pete Davidson is credited as one of the founders and influencers of this trending topic.


Pull out the hiking boots and camouflage because this winter they’ll be worn not just in the woods but in the city.  Thanks to Yeezy’s push for a more rugged feel in fashion, nature printed hoodies and Timberland boots are at the top of the trending products for F/W18.



From jackets to bottoms, black and white plaid is a relevant print this winter.  The crisp contrast between the two tones offer up a notable statement moment in any outfit.  Even some wool overcoats feature this current pattern.


The color brown has always been a cozy classic for the colder time of year.  Taking it to the next level, many influencers on Instagram are layering up on different tones of brown and mixing different fabric choices.  For instance, you can pair a tan knit sweater with a dark brown overcoat. This trend is easy enough to pull off and very approachable with all the suede, wool, and corduroy options this season.


Keep your head warm and on trend with throwing on a beanie as you step outside.  This is definitely the headwear of choice in 2018. From neon to a classic black, the basic beanie style is offered in a variety of different colors by endless amount of brands.

Be sure to check out more menswear inspiration and looks HERE.

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